First of all, hello there fellow reader! If you’re currently a university student struggling to find identity in your degree, managing sleep, social life and the amount of workload required to stay above water level, my condolences. How are those deadlines and existential crises moving along? What about the wonderful procrastinating methodology you use every day to avoid responsibilities?

Okay, maybe we started off on the wrong foot. Allow me to revamp this introduction. Hi, my name is Dea, a second year bachelor student in Informatics. Today I’m going to lecture you on the amazing and life-bettering experience that the ‘Youtube’ platform has to offer to us. Now before clicking away from this blog post because you think it’s going to be propaganda towards the website (no they are not sponsoring me, unfortunately), keep in mind that you might come out of this experience actually learning a few things. Some of those being information on channels, knowing how to search, the beauty of a community and more relatable, funny content coming along your way. You’re up for a treat so buckle up!

Let me take you down memory lane, specifically freshman year in college. Ah, the chills! My past self discovered that the university experience she was expecting and fantasizing about for a long time, wouldn’t match up to the actual harsh reality. Quickly I learned the conundrum of unbothered professors, not interesting curriculums and memorization requirements that would never be needed in real life. Feels familiar doesn’t it?

Some of you might be thinking, well what does any of this fascinating and comprehensive story-telling actually have to do with the Youtube website? Why, thank you, touché my friend.

Basically discovering the joy of educational videos on Youtube, amongst other genres, changed my studying approach completely. If you’re an It student and have ever had difficulty learning the basics of a programming language, chances are you’ve come across ‘Bucky’ (also known as the new boston). Now imagine branching outside of that small radius. “Khan academy”, “Crash Course”, “TED-ED”, “Asap Science”, “Nerdfighter1” , I could go on all day mentioning channels and obviously not excluding other university majors. The challenge is knowing how to search. Don’t just give up on a subject because you’ve faced difficulties in your school environment. Chances are, an awesome human being has struggled before you and then decided to share his or her knowledge with the rest of the world. Explaining something in a passionate and understandable way is what makes these creators so entertaining to watch!  However, there are things to look out for while doing your research. Typically try to gain knowledge from channels that have a large audience when it comes to views and subscribers. They generally put out more professional and high quality content. In an unfortunate event where what you’re searching for is quite obscure or specific, maybe you will have to move onto other smaller and more low-key channels. In this case, be aware of the knowledge you’re obtaining. My favorite verification method is checking the audience involvement in the comment section and how helpful the video has been to other people.

Another important topic is definitely your attention span! It’s assumable that your brain might get quickly distracted in a feed where fascinating content pops up out of nowhere. Procrastination is the enemy, so try your hardest to focus on the task at hand and getting information on what you need. You can enjoy those funny cat videos later, it’s a slippery slope.

The desire to belong somewhere, whether that’s a community, friendship, or other form of social interaction is a basic human need. We all want to be accepted and understood. And what’s more relatable than finding a platform where people have struggled with the same topics as you and decide to share that knowledge with the world? It’s amazing how quickly media is changing and how anyone can become part of an online presence by building an audience, that’s the beauty of the Youtube platform! So whether you want to learn how to solve a problem on linear algebra, how to cook, tie a tie or you just love a good old motivational talk, this online video community has you covered!

Down below is a list mentioning some of the most high quality educational channels and what they focus on, have a good learning session! If you want to branch outside of just education, send your request and a new list will be coming along your way in a second blog post.

AsapSCIENCE-A channel dedicated to answering the most interesting science questions that may have crossed your mind. Ever wondered why your body reacted a certain way? These guys are here to help!

Similar to that: Veritassium, SciShow, SmarterEveryDay etc.


Nerdwriter1- If writing, analyzing and media consumption are your passions, then you’re in the right place! This channel is a weekly essay video series that puts ideas and concepts into perspective. Highly recommended to literature and history students.

Similar: Every frame a painting, Jordan Harvey, Lessons from Screenplay, Overly Sarcastic Productions, Sabrina Cruz, ERB etc.


Thenewboston- Does this one even need exposure? Programmer newbies, just check him out!!

Similar: Derek Banas, howecode, Learncodeacademy, Traversy Media etc.


CrashCourse-Last but not least, the most amazing educational channel to have ever been created! It contains courses on physics, philosophy, economics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, biology, chemistry and so much more. The animations are flawless and all the teachers explain the concepts in an entertaining way.

Similar: Vox.