Have you ever searched something for an excruciating amount of time and then came to the conclusion that you were better off without it?  A couple of days ago I had to google something trivial, which was supposed to have a yes or no answer, regarding cat food. The first and fourth source assured me that I was doing the best thing while the second and third source was saying the complete opposite.

As you can imagine I had to put my cat expert hat on and investigate as much as what someone with a minor in Veterinary might do. Turns out all that stress was useless but it made sure that I would never want to deal with an animal’s food.

Technology is as helpful as it is suffocating.

The second I noticed I was about to finish my last school year I was immersed in a panic wave. I was stuck between countless life paths which were all scary and foreign.

Indecisiveness prevents us from starting anything. Without a start, we are guaranteed failure. For a long time, I convinced myself that I wasn’t ready yet. Soon I was hit with the harsh reality that the people who did choose something, even slightly connected to our field, had surpassed me. Sharpening our skills is just as important when we need to master anything.

However, the first step toward becoming great at something is sucking at it.

I assume that this is what terrifies us.

We don’t want our egos hurt and realize that we cannot concur certain mountains. Even so, I would rather climb one hill at a time than stay passive. As many other CS students, I have no clue where to begin. What language should I start with? What frameworks should I experiment with? Am I better at the front end or back end? What do I truly have to offer?  

It’s been 21 years and I still cannot answer the last question. But I do know that I have to keep going. As the famous architect Edmund Bacon constantly said: “It is in the doing that the idea comes”. The only way I can know myself is through a journey. This is why I decided to enroll in Taleas and I am positive that I have done the right thing. I am surrounded every day by young individuals around my age who have the childlike enthusiasm and stubbornness to show their ideas and switch them up almost weekly.

Our perspective on work has altered dramatically. We always knew that there were countless paths in this industry but never did we imagine such an eloquent way of intertwining between the routs. The main point of Taleas is to help us gain the techniques and tools to make our abstract perceptions into something solid and desirable.

Beginnings are equally hard and exciting, however, don’t allow the hardships to stop you from leveling up. If there is an opportunity out there which excites you, don’t allow fear to interfere. Follow your gut and do your best. If you don’t like the direction ahead try to switch things up. Good things come for those who have patience so I would suggest to clear your head and stay grounded.  Find purpose in what you do and don’t forget that others (and most importantly you) wait to delight in you.