Settling for anything safe that lacks passion or earnest commitment is just the right recipe for a monotonous, displeasing life. It might be a job you despise in a career where you don’t feel fulfilled, a partner you lack feelings for, toxic friends and communities, a bad and unhealthy lifestyle. Falling in the habit of accepting any of these as standards is a common mistake we all might make in particular instances.

The reasoning behind it can vary, perhaps we believe we don’t deserve better or haven’t been exposed to something greater. It is actually quite scary how effortlessly it comes to most people to find security in just the bare minimum. And that’s because they’re scared. The process of going after what you want and taking a leap of faith is obviously uncomfortable.

In most cases, your gut is already calling aloud its desires and intuitions, but have you listened to it yet?

If our main focus is the career aspect, this evaluation becomes rather complex. In that case, being in a safe space might actually even give us some sort of gratification. Doing something we mildly enjoy and have become adaptable to can trick us into thinking that it can be sustainable for the long run. But you need to take a minute (or more) and think about all the challenges, laying ahead of your professional life, the sleepless hours and countless sacrifices of actually “making it”. Would you ever be willing to put in all that work for something you don’t love? Or rather, can you imagine living life not doing what you might be exceptional at, because of lack of trying?

This mindset was reinforced even more by the dynamic experience in Taleas. Understanding your abilities can be tricky, especially when you lack the environment or guidance to practice specific crafts. That’s why this program helped in co-piloting through all those floods and endeavors of developing our strengths. Being surrounded by a community who is constantly pushing you to take on new challenges, without setting any limitations to creativity, can revamp your perspective on work ethic. Because the moment a greater opportunity displays itself, you understand that all those little obstacles holding you back are meaningless in the grand scheme of achievements.

You want to code, write, create, climb a mountain? Just start. ’Some and then more’. You are constantly exposed to information and helpful tools.

In this world of permanently changing economy, technology, trends, you will never have all the answers and there’s not one specific path to a successful career. But without getting past the phase of an initial trial, you may be forever wondering about the inevitable “what if”. Crave for a better and fulfilling lifestyle, even by just completing small tasks that add substance to the overall objective and yearning.

The beginning is going to be difficult because just like in any cleanse, your body is removing all the toxins away to make room for healthier decisions.

Every inconvenience, dilemma, frustration brings you closer to the actual change.

Yet, nothing will give you more satisfaction than knowing that the sacrifices and wait were all worth it.  Because the experience of having something real and passionate in career, relationships or any other aspect, electrifies your life like nothing you settle for, ever will!