We love interacting each day with people interested in Taleas through different social media platforms. Sharing content in regards to technology, day to day activities, healthy food or even memes helps us build a refreshing community. But all of that would lack meaning without your comments and feedback, which are highly appreciated! However, there seems to be a pattern when it comes to some frequently asked questions you guys have on this project, so without further ado, here are your long-awaited answers! We hope we cleared some things up and don’t hesitate to reach out for any clarifications.

1)    What is Taleas?

Taleas is an initiative created by a group of people who wanted to reform the outlook on how you can study and master knowledge on technology, programming and so much more. Tired from the unstimulating, outdated curriculums of our universities, they decided to alter the way students learn and expand not only in their careers but also as individuals.

2)    How did it get started?

The foundation started with a simple experimental group called Taleas1. It was the first assemble of exceptional individuals who had hunger and eagerness to learn, yet they lacked guidance and direction. That’s where the mentors of this project came into place. They helped them grow and understand their craft while also challenging them mentally. The tasks, failures, and sleep-deprivations are definitely history!

3)    Do I need any qualifications to apply?

We wouldn’t want to sound anything near cliché or repetitive, but every single person who applies has the potential to offer something exceptional. The responsibility to explore those unique traits in order to bring them to the interview table lies on you. Don’t step back because of lack of experience or anything along those lines. That’s not how Taleas operates. We can’t stress enough on how any capability or skill you may possess can be used and developed in a learning environment, so don’t overlook them. Every presentation will be held in the English, so a well-spoken language is definitely required. (Surprise! There will be presentations). Work ethic and devotion are main components when it comes to the tasks and deadlines you’ll be held accountable for, so take them into consideration while applying.

4)    How long does it last?

Contrary to pre-defined structural modules in school, our plans depend entirely on your progress. Since everybody has a different learning curve, that’s what we mainly operate on. Obviously, there will be selections after a certain period of time, based on your dedication and result, but the overall project doesn’t really have a finish line. There’s no limit to improvement!

5)    Is it only for programmers?

Originally that was the main focus of the project, but now we are definitely expanding. Writers, marketers, programmers, designers, anyone with a passion for technology or content creation is more than welcome to apply and try out their abilities.