As the curtains fall on one of the most exhilarating, brilliant, innovative play of this year, Taleas viewers can’t seem to let go of the enormous impact precise key scenes had on us. Eye gazed, still looking at the empty stage, we continue reminiscing on the variety of perspectives we were exposed to these last few days. It is quite astonishing seeing how intertwined so many fields are with technology, starting from movies, the beauty industry, sports and so forth.

In this collection of startups and conversations, one thing that warmed our hearts to a really high extent was seeing the diversity of women portrayed in every previously mentioned department. In what we experienced as a pivotal moment during the event, the center stage held all of the women executives, entrepreneurs, and engineers at one time. Well, “all of them” would be an excessive overstatement, when in fact no platform would be strong enough to hold every bright, hard-working and successful female soul participating in the summit.


Margrethe Vestager, an EU Commissioner for Competition

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

Stephanie McMahon, the chief brand officer of WWE

Ann Mettler Head, European Political Strategy Centre at European Commission

Nadja Swarovski, Member of Executive Board at Swarovski

These names are only a tiny percentage of the overall representation we got to see at the panels and discussions. And this is an important topic we would like to focus on.

The conversation of building a more inclusive industry in technology, business and beyond, is one that is, fortunately, being held a lot, especially in the last few years. And even though navigating through the waters of “the fourth wave feminism” may be a bit complex, whatever your standpoint on social equality nowadays is, we can all agree that representation is important.

Growing up in an environment where you’re not exposed to seeing someone familiar to your gender, color, shape, size, being successful, may impact the expectations you have for your future.

In today’s world, being a business owner, or in any position of power as a female, still comes with baggage and unnecessary obstacles. However, seeing so many brilliant women these past few days, gathered together, sharing their experience and love for technology gave us hope. There was so much uniqueness in the way each of them talked, the fields they portrayed, looks and ideas.

This came to show that the only thing coming in between us and being on that stage, was hard-work, endurance, and a worthy idea, not our assigned gender.

“Building diversity in business is like planting crops, you should invest your time and effort on them. And every time you do it, you see another entrepreneur coming out the door that is a little bit more diverse.”-Investing in women panel with Christine Herron, Alicia Tillman, Kay Koplovitz and Alex Konrad.