Quick round-up question: How many of you have grown comfortable with the tools, products, and ideologies provided at hand without questioning their efficiency, simply because “they work fine, no need to fix it if it’s not broken”? Don’t be shy, raise your hands, we’ve all done it in one instance or another. To an extent, it feels comfortable to savor a lot of the elements, previous generations or other brilliant minds have made accessible for us. However, in reference to a previous article “Lust for More”, we probably can’t stress enough over how ‘settling’, in specific circumstances is the killer of innovation, new ideas and a vigorous life.

This is the story of someone who chose to go a little further than the expected. Out of pure, coding scratch, Arturi (shocker, that’s his name) created something, because what already worked, wasn’t meeting his standards when it came performance.

For a while now, one of our brilliant minds at Taleas had had this idea to create a pl-sql generator. Without getting too deep into the technicalities, this program would be able to manipulate Json (JavaScript object notation) in PL/SQL (an extension of Structured Query Language, SQL). The generated output would be a huge weight off your shoulders when it came to the already established mechanical procedure, which took upon eternal hours.

Now imagine spending an entire day dedicated to conversions that don’t contain any logistical aspect, yet are the small details your project needs to fully blossom as a whole. This is where Arty came into place. Bored of committing his time to meaningless tasks that are not only tiring but can also leave room to profuse errors, he searched for a solution. After hitting ‘next’ on the google search engine for way too long, he quickly realized the convenient solution needed didn’t exist. Now, most people would just groan, blame the universe for its injustice and go back to the procedural conversion method.

But that is not the Taleas way to do things, and so in his simple Arty fashion, he decided to create it.

Upon talking to the other members about the idea and feeding off the positive feedback, it seemed like there was no time to spare for our teammate. As soon as the clock ticked midnight the carriage turned back into a pumpkin. Now, wait, wrong story guys. What I meant was, as soon as 12 am hit (which we all know, is programming inspiration hour) he rapidly started coding. By 5 am the dominant chunk of the code for the generator was already finished, and with it, the suffering from the mechanical effort. How long do you think did it take now to make the conversion? A full workday turned into 30 minutes (by taking your time, perhaps drinking a coffee).

Yes, you read that right. Not only did the time shorten, but with the program came also new features like comments or readable/identifiable code. Now after working for 5 hours and having a pleasant result, you would probably think that Arty went back to sleep and took some rest. Well, obviously not.

He quickly composed a short video presenting not only the demo, but also the joy of his little child coming to life and shared it with his team (at 5 am).

One of the many benefits of being surrounded by talented and driven people is the inspiration and vitality you can absorb by simply witnessing their work ethic. This project wasn’t just a simple program that created pl-sql from json, as you’ve probably gathered by now.

It’s about reducing unnecessary task, believing in your vision, and more importantly, having a supportive community to share it with, even in unconventional hours.

Stay tuned for further development in this project, because there’s definitely more to come.