A story set in Amsterdam 

In a world filled with uncertainty, chaotic absurdism, and ongoing challenges for humanity, hope is the slight hum whispering in our ears, steadily pushing towards improvement.There is so much beauty and prospect out there, more than often getting overshadowed by the fear of destruction.

But, to all the pessimists here shaking heads in disapproval, an elaboration is coming your way, stay patient.

Indeed, there is a lot of adversity present in our reality, whether it is environmental, political, financial, social you name it. How can one be hopeful in the face of hardships and distress?

Yet history is a prime example of humanity triumphantly copying with tragedy, and as we know, it repeats itself a lot.

Society thrives upon kindness and unity, whereas the glimpses of utter doom tear our spirits into shreds.

That is why we need a positive outlook and good influences dominating our essence. The problems surrounding us aren’t as black and white as we sometimes project them out to be. There are millions of variables that go into the solution of a complex and complicated matter, and we’re part of it. Little by little, step by step, and one act of kindness after another.

By now you might already be thinking, what kind of life-changing meditation session did she have to endure to reach these conclusions? Well, friends, it all started with week-long travel journey to Amsterdam, and with every rise or peril, inspiration and prosperity overtook my being.

As a representative of our wonderful group of Taleas, an amazing opportunity (for which I will forever be grateful) was given to me to attend European Women in Tech. This conference is Europe’s largest event for women in technology, enabling connection, sharing experiences of industry leaders and developing women’s skills, both soft and technical.

And yes, it was as compelling and vigorous as it may sound.

We’ve already established in previous posts (shout out to our loyal readers), the vast importance representation, especially in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields has. Yet the nuance of that statement had a whole other saturation witnessing it all first hand. With every attending speaker, technical class, development workshop, the craving for progress grew.

Good things come to those who wait? No, good things come to those who make it happen. So, make it happen.- Olivia Schofield in “Be Boldly You: Turbo Charge your Executive Presence” talk.

Looking up to female leaders, of various backgrounds, nationalities, and professions, collectively share their inspiring stories, shifted my perspective on hope. The existing problems in businesses when it came to being a woman in charge were obviously acknowledged, but there wasn’t any despair in sight because of it.

On the contrary, knowing that there’s more work to be done, gave these inspiring figures the capacity to move forward at a higher speed, and not surrender at the first defeat.

Other experiences included?

Oh well, a cozy dinner with some of these influential ladies beforehand the conference, giving a speech about what Taleas was and its impact on my life in the last few months, almost getting lost in a foreign country while it was raining profoundly, you know, your typical working week.

So, let’s make a u-turn to my main point.

There’s no predefined fix when it comes to dilemmas and obstacles, they will forever exist.

The importance lays in our attitude, how we choose to handle whatever life throws in our direction. Females coming together to thrive in various industries, a newborn baby crying, family and friends being reunited, people collectively fighting for the same cause. Hope is all around us, so choose to absorb it every single day.