This blog has already established its passionate love for conventions that celebrate technology and innovative thinking. With coverage on conferences like Web Summit or Women in Tech, this year we started our journey of exploration in Las Vegas, Nevada, precisely at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Unable to attend, we still managed to stalk the newest and most cutting-edge products coming out of this convention. For those of you out of the loop, CES is THE gathering place to host presentations on business consumer technology. Its inauguration dates back to 51 years ago, exhibiting consumer electronics and preparing the world for a prospective, transformative future.  

Fast forward to 2019, the accompanied progress continues to educate and push forward consumer tech and collaboration between members of the industry.

Without further ado, here are some key highlights and gadgets we were fascinated by:

1.    Bending Phones.

With undergoing developments, mobiles are becoming even more convenient to carry around nowadays. Samsung has been teasing the “folding Galaxy X” product for a while, but now we finally have a release date: February 20th. This thrilling message was delivered in the Hangeul language in a series of billboards.

However, during the conference, only some “select” clients had the opportunity to witness a private appearance of the prototype. With limited information due to the lack of main stage showcase of the product, the nearing release date is keeping us on our toes for the performance of the Galaxy X; Especially with competitors like FlexPai and Huawei in the foldable market.

2.    Oven concept teaching you how to cook.

How many of you are skilled at properly preparing food? For all my fellow sufferers lacking the right intuition to add, mix and what not, Whirlpool showed us some light at the end of the tunnel. Introducing the new concept of: “connected hub, wall oven”, with a touch screen window to look into it, the future will help us cook the food using augmented reality.

Even though it was just a concept and not fully developed, looking at what technology has in store to ease our pain, is always fun to experience.

3.    Play with your Ping-Pong buddy robot.

Forpheus, the 5th (generation) was reintroduced to the public by Omron. Now with more AI capability and motion, the table tennis tutor is optimized to increase the level of practice that a player gets.

Additionally to improving human skills, this product is the embodiment of integrating machines and people in a harmonic way. On our day to day life, we already experience the technology Forpheus uses in factory automation, energy management, healthcare etc.

4.   Flying in an Air Taxi thanks to Nexus, Bell.

How cool would it be if the Uber or taxi picking you up, could also literally pick you up?!

With space at ground level becoming more and more limited, Bell returned with a massive, five-seat model air taxi that features central wing and integrated landing skills.  There are obviously economic, social, and legal barriers that need addressing ahead of the widespread of the service, but we are looking forward to experiencing a new and exciting form of transportation in the mid-2020s.

Some honorable mentions:

5.    8k devices – With a new wave from companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, the future of home entertainment is being bombarded with this advanced resolution.

6.    Gaming, Gaming, Gaming – From monitors to 4k projectors, laptops, and peripherals, the ultimate tools for the best gaming experience were all part of CES, broadcasted in the coolest way possible (as we’ve seen from the videos).

7.    The Opte precision skincare product – This system can scan and detect areas of skin discoloration, digitally transforming the user experience in the beauty industry.