September in itself has always had some introspection and contemplation attached to it. The seasonal change from the reckless and adventurous summer, to the calming and responsibility-driven autumn, isn’t always comfortable. 

But then again, nothing that helps you grow is

Perhaps this time period will unconsciously be linked to the opening of school gates, revoking the feelings of getting back on track with your obligations. 

During adulthood, or even long after your academic years are over, nothing changes really. It’s just that life throws some different kinds of homework along your way. 

Instead of essays, integrals, and labs, you get … *drum rolls please* …

You guessed it folks, self – improvement lessons. How are you evolving in your career, interpersonal relationships, common behaviours? 

Are you working on becoming a better functioning human being, limiting distractions and coping with things in a healthy manner?

If you’ve managed to achieve all of it, please do get acquainted with us and share all of the tricks. Also, how does it feel to be a wizard in handling your psyche?!?!?!?!

Self-improvement and mindfulness are a long, ongoing and never-ending process, unfortunately. There’s no finish line to what you can learn and how you can grow, which makes checking your progress a bit tricky sometimes. 

Being responsible for your own happiness (and unhappiness).

It is undeniable, we always tend to put the blame of failure and sorrow on everything, except our own decisions. 

“It’s the timing, my upbringing, the lack of opportunities, the other person is being selfish bla bla bla”- we complain to friends and family when it comes to why we aren’t happy with a situation. 

Truth is, anything in your life is most probably happening due to your own decisions that led you there in the first place.  And that is quite scary to think about sometimes. It might also seem counter-intuitive or pompous considering certain conditions people live in. 


Your social and economic circumstances should work as fuel to push you in wanting to become better, not as excuses. 

Yet, we’re so caught up on projections and unrealistic expectations we put on life and people, that we forget who is actually leading. 

Look, complexities aside, it can be quite simple. Don’t like something? Change it. Like something? Great, work on improving it.

  • Invest in your skillsets in order to be able to ask for more in your career.
  • Set boundaries in your relationships if you think you aren’t being treated righteously. 
  • Invest your time and energy correctly and make sure that the output you’re getting is worth the efforts. Think of it as the ROI of your life philosophy. 

Ultimately, take responsibility.

The limbo between adolescence and adulthood is confusing.

Whether you’re jumping from high school to university or leaving the benches to hop into the “shark tank” that is “real life”. 

Nonetheless, diving in it with the right mindset, and not the “victim” mentality, makes a difference in how you will approach long term victories and losses.