A mystery as old as time…well not anymore.

Aware of the fact that we haven’t been quite clear about what happens with our Taleas alumni, we decided some explanations were in order. Where do they go? Do they get employed? Do most of them fail in the process?

Well, today we come in all transparency, and willing to clear out a lot of misconceptions.  

What is Tegeria and what is Taleas? Are they the same thing?

We have mentioned before that the Taleas program in itself is powered by the Tegeria company. In simple words? The mentors, the education and events, everything in it is possible thanks to Tegeria. In that spirit, yes,  part of the benefits of “graduating” in this program, can be employment within the company. 

What happens if I achieve all the tasks? Is employment guaranteed? 

First of all, congrats, that is quite an achievement! Your professional/interpersonal skills should be amplified and through the roof at this point. Now is the time for a new conversation! Of course, everything depends on the individual, on the projects we have going on and what fit they might be for you. 

However, Tegeria takes its team members’ career journey as a responsibility, so we make sure to have a good idea of what would be the best place for you within the company, before taking that step.

What if I don’t make it?

There’s a multitude of reasons as to why a partnership might not work out, and it’s not necessarily your liability or ours, things are always more complex than that. It might be that at this point in your career, due to other engagements or circumstances, you’re not ready to fully commit to the program. Or you might not be at that point mentally, or at a commitment level. We understand. 

However, since delivering and showing results are at the core and foundations of Taleas, unfortunately, we can’t help you any further. Perhaps when you’re ready in another moment, to show higher results, we can have a new conversation!

To wrap it up:

This program started out as an initiative to help young people in their career paths. To offer them an opportunity to learn through experience, and to be backed up by talented mentors through that journey. All of that is free, and what we ask out of the people we take within, is delivery and effort, similar to what we put into all our students.